Episode 4: The Things We Cannot See

Listen to episode 4:  The Things We Cannot See

There are things in this world that we cannot see.  And there are creatures on this earth that have yet to be identified.  The forest and the oceans and even many lakes are so vast and deep there’s no way we could possibly explore each and every square foot much less each square mile.  God? Angels? Demons. Ghosts? How about Bigfoot? Or aliens? And what about Tessie, otherwise known as Lake Tahoe’s very own Loch monster?  Tune in to episode four of Placer Unsolved for intriguing listener accounts of spooky encounters, angelic tales, and even an interview with a Lake Tahoe fishing guide who believes he’s seen Tessie on multiple occasions.  He’ll also share with us what he believes Tessie to be.

This first video comes from Carrie in Auburn.  She was laying on the far right side of her bed taking a video of her dog to send to her husband because the dog had been acting weird, when something crosses right in front of her camera.  She tried numerous times to recreated it but was unable to do so!


Thanks to Andy from Colfax for sharing this photo of his daughters with what appears to be a blonde girl behind his daughter standing on the chair:  “When I looked up our address I found it was a shop/gas station where a child went missing to the couple living in the building…..we later found that we felt this soul of this person in our house….not malevolent but….she seemed wanted to be seen……”


Bigfoot?  Or the Grinch?  Thanks to Chris from Tahoe for sending this photo in:  “We saw this big fella behind our cabin in Tahoe Donner. At first we thought it was a bear, but looked too comfortable on two feet. Had to be a Big Foot.”

Our first listener submitted story takes place in the old Shanghai Bar in Auburn, CA, and The California across the street.  It’s unknown if the bottom photo is the Shanghai but it is what was written on the back of it.  **Photos courtesy of the Placer County Archives**


Placer County residents in Halloween costumes in the 1930s.  **Photos courtesy of Placer County Archives**


Lake Tahoe in the 1880s.  Think “Tessie” was around back then?  Tune in to episode four of Placer Unsolved for an interview with Gene St. Denis to get his take on how long it’s been there and what it actually might be.  **Photos courtesy of Placer County Archives**


This second Placer County Hospital was completed in 1906 and consisted of nine buildings connected by porches.  The first Placer county hospital was a Victorian that still exists on Maple Street just below the courthouse.  **Photo courtesy of Placer County Archives**

It’s late, guys.  More photos to be uploaded on this post tomorrow on Halloween!  So come back for those and another spooky story.

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