Episode 5: What Happened to Susan Jacobson?

Listen to Placer Unsolved episode 5 now:   “What Happened to Susan Jacobson?”


On the morning of May 1, 2013 a jogger put on her exercise clothes and running shoes to prepare for her morning run.  It was already a warm morning in Roseville, CA; 87 degrees by 8 am. As the runner made her way up to the stoplight at the corner of Pleasant Grove and Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. she noticed what looked like business cards strewn on the ground next to the sidewalk.  When she got closer she saw what appeared to be a wallet next to the business cards. She reached down to pick them up to see if any of them had identifying information on them. There was an ID but no cash or credit cards. She walked into the nearby Starbucks and gave the wallet to the cashier, with the hopes that the owner of the wallet would soon be back for it.  Little did she know, six years later, the wallet would still be in an evidence box at the Roseville Police Dept. And despite months of investigation and the search efforts of hundreds of volunteers, law enforcement wouldn’t be any closer to discovering how the wallet ended up on the ground or what happened to its 59 year old shy, quiet owner. The mystery would leave family members, community members, and law enforcement all wondering the same thing:  what happened to Susan Jacobson?

Chris and Sue May 1, 1999
Chris and Susan Jacobson **photo courtesy of Kevin Jacobson**
Susan Jacobson **photo courtesy of Kevin Jacobson**


Trail that volunteer tracking dogs followed one month after Susan went missing **graphic courtesy of Kevin Jacobson**
Approx location of Susan’s car in the Raley’s shopping center per Kevin Jacobson **graphic courtesy of Kevin Jacobson**
Trail that volunteer tracking dogs followed in Mahany Park and fields behind it **graphic courtesy of Kevin Jacobson**


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Susan Marie Jacobson please call the Roseville Police Dept. at 916-774-5072

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